Everything to know about comedian Matt Rife: age, height, Instagram, and fun facts

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Among the constellation of comedy luminaries on Netflix, the spotlight now shines on the witty and vibrant Matt Rife. With his recent comedy special, Natural Selection , dropping on November 15, Rife has cemented his place among the streaming giant’s roster of comedic talent. But who is Matt Rife beyond his stage presence?

Whether you’ve chuckled your way through his latest performance or are simply curious about this comedian and are looking to learn more about him, you’re in the right place! Join us as we uncover not just his age, height, and Instagram presence, but also fascinating insights and lesser-known tidbits about Matt Rife, ensuring you’re well-acquainted with the man behind the laughter!

So, let’s unravel the layers and discover everything you need to know about this comedic sensation below.

Everything you need to know about comedian Matt Rife

Born on September 10, 1995 in Columbus, Ohio, Matt Rife, now 28 years old, ignited his comedy journey at a remarkably young age of 14 after a momentous turn at a high school talent show. Rife was inspired to pursue comedy after receiving overwhelming praise for his natural comedic talents that he displayed during the talent show performance. The positive reinforcement from the audience, combined with Rife's inherent passion for making people laugh, led him down the path to becoming a professional stand-up comedian.

Rife has etched his mark in the comedy sphere through a series of self-produced specials, notably Only Fans (2021) , Matthew Steven Rife (2023) , and Walking Red Flag (2023) , showcasing his distinctive blend of observational humor and improvisation prowess. His breakout moments arrived via appearances on shows like Wild 'n Out and Bring the Funny back in 2019, sparking viral TikTok clips that amassed a colossal 18 million followers on TikTok ( @matt_rife ), with an average viewership of 9 million per clip worldwide. For those eager to keep up with his day-to-day adventures, clips from his stand-up comedy shows, and information on future projects, a follow on Instagram under the handle @mattrife is highly recommended.

Standing at a towering 6 feet tall, according to Celeb Heights , Rife’s presence extends beyond the stage and into the realms of acting. He has graced popular shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine , Fresh Off the Boat , and Burb Patrol , as well as making his mark in movies such as Wolf Mountain , North of the 10 , and Just Swipe . Rife has demonstrated versatility as a performer through his work across various comedic and dramatic formats. Whether delivering punchlines to roaring laughter or portraying more serious roles, Rife's natural charisma and talent consistently shine through.

Beyond the laughter, here are some fun facts about Matt Rife:

  • IMDb acknowledges Rife as the youngest regular male performer at the renowned World Famous Laugh Factory comedy club in Los Angeles. This achievement highlights Rife's extraordinary comedic abilities from a remarkably early point in his career.
  • His ProbleMATTic World Tour witnessed a phenomenal feat, selling out all dates within a staggering 48 hours. The speed at which tickets were purchased demonstrates the incredible popularity and demand to see Rife perform stand-up comedy live on stage.
  • A fervent passion for boxing fuels Rife’s off-stage pursuits, both as an avid spectator and a dedicated participant in training. Rife enjoys boxing as an engaging physical and mental exercise outside of his work in the entertainment industry.
  • One of Rife’s sketches titled The Lazy Hero , posted on TikTok, soared to unprecedented heights on the platform, accumulating over one billion global views. This staggering number indicates the massive popularity of Rife's brand of comedy and his expert ability to produce shareable digital content.
  • Among his various accomplishments , Rife has traveled the globe alongside comedy greats such as Dane Cook, Ralphie May, Finesse Mitchell, Mike Epps, Deray Davis, and Erik Griffin while touring over the years. Sharing the stage with comedy legends early in his career provided invaluable experience and exposure for the young Rife.

From a fortuitous high school talent show appearance to modern stardom on Netflix, Matt Rife’s meteoric rise in the world of comedy continues to reach spectacular new heights. Whether firing off killer punchlines or dazzling audiences with his natural charisma on screen, Rife’s versatility and talent cement his status as a dynamic force in entertainment destined for even greater fame.

Now 28 years of age and standing tall at 6 feet, the Columbus native shows no signs of slowing on his path to comedy superstardom. With inherently gifted comedic timing honed through dedicated work on the stand-up circuit since his early teens, Rife has positioned himself as an undeniable talent and certainly one to watch in the years ahead.

From touring the nation on his smash hit ProbleMATTic show to banking over a billion TikTok views, the ambitious Rife continues reaching wider audiences while garnering legions of passionate fans along the way. As his celebrity profile and Instagram following swell, this rising comedy sensation remains grounded by lesser-known interests like boxing training and competing on the amateur circuit.

Even while crisscrossing the country on his current tour schedule packed to capacity with adoring spectators, Rife finds time to indulge personal sporting pursuits and adrenaline-fueled training regimens. These physical challenges provide a complementary outlet to demonstrate the same tireless work ethic and competitive drive Rife exhibits when mastering the art of making audiences erupt with laughter.