Is Ghost Whisperer starring Jennifer Love Hewitt on Netflix?

What Movie To See?

When it comes to supernatural series about ghosts, there are lots of excellent picks to add to your watch list. But by far, one of the best (and most underrated) is the 2005 drama series Ghost Whisperer starring the iconic Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Ghost Whisperer centers on Melinda Gordon, a newlywed antique shop owner in the small town of Grandview, New York with the stunning ability to speak to ghosts. She uses her power to communicate with those who haven’t crossed over to complete their unfinished business.

The series aired on CBS from 2005 to 2010 and aired a total of 107 episodes. Since its conclusion over 10 years ago, the Hewitt-lead fan-favorite has maintained its popularity and has been available to watch in television syndication and on various streaming services.

Can fans watch Jennifer Love Hewitt talk to ghosts as Melinda Gordon in Ghost Whisperer on Netflix? Here’s what you need to know before planning your binge-watch.

Is Ghost Whisperer on Netflix?

Sadly, Ghost Whisperer isn’t available to stream on Netflix as of October 2022. Since the series is owned by CBS in North America and by Disney internationally, it’s unlikely that the series will find its way back to Netflix in the future, but never say never.

If you’re looking for something similar to watch on Netflix that’s similar to Ghost Whisperer, make sure to check out titles such as Good Witch, Lucifer, Manifest, and Supernatural . They might not be exactly like the Jennifer Love Hewitt hit, but their themes are close enough to satisfy fans.

Where to watch Ghost Whisperer online

Currently, four out of five seasons of Ghost Whisperer are available to stream on Hulu with a subscription. It’s unclear why the fifth season isn’t included on Hulu. However, the complete series is available to stream for free on The Roku Channel .

While there are other places devoted fans can surely find the series for rent or purchase, such as the complete series set on DVD, Hulu and Roku are the two best bets for streaming the series online in time for spooky season or any time throughout the year.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's portrayal of Melinda Gordon in Ghost Whisperer has become iconic over the years. As a medium who can communicate with earthbound spirits, Melinda helps ghosts resolve their unfinished business so they can cross over into the light. This unique ability often puts her in perilous situations as she tries to unravel mysterious deaths and rectify injustices from beyond the grave.

Part of what makes the show so compelling is Melinda's willingness to put her own life at risk to bring closure and peace to these tortured souls. Though the job is often thankless and difficult, Melinda perseveres out of an altruistic desire to use her gift to help both the living and the dead.

The series aired on CBS from 2005-2010, spanning five seasons and 107 episodes. After over a decade since the show's end, Ghost Whisperer maintains a strong cult following and popularity on streaming platforms. Fans continue to discover and rediscover the show thanks to Jennifer Love Hewitt's empathetic performance and the series' unique supernatural premise.

Aside from Hewitt's brilliant acting, Ghost Whisperer also benefited from an emotional core that grounded the supernatural elements. At its heart, the show was about connection, closure, and catharsis. The ghosts themselves went through intricate character arcs and the resolutions were often bittersweet or moving.

Ghost Whisperer also set itself apart by having an overarching mythology related to the nature of Melinda's gift and her ties to a mysterious Lovecraftian entity known as The Shadows. Later seasons dove deeper into the show's lore and expanded the universe in creative ways that kept fans invested.

Of course, a huge part of the shows legacy rests solely on Jennifer Love Hewitt's talent as a captivating leading lady. As Melinda Gordon, she imbued the character with heart, wit, and an inner strength that made even the most far-fetched storylines feel grounded and believable. It's difficult to imagine anyone else in the role.

Hewitt used her big expressive eyes and warmth to convey Melinda's empathy and compassion for both ghosts and humans. She also wasn't afraid to engage in physically demanding scenes like exorcisms or bouts of ghostly possessions that showed her dedication to the part.

The locations also bolstered the eerie tone as Grandview felt like a hotspot of paranormal activity with its old mine tunnels, haunted houses and wandering spirits around every corner. Combined with Melinda's antique shop brimming with age old artifacts, Grandview was the perfect ghostly setting.

It also helped that romance was in the air in Grandview with Melinda's picture perfect marriage to paramedic Jim Clancy, played by David Conrad. Their relationship gave Melinda stability and also aided her ghost-busting endeavors with an emergency contact when things got out of hand.

What truly made their dynamic special was the unwavering support and understanding Jim showed, even as Melinda's efforts took her into dangerous situations or all-consuming cases. He stood by her paranormal adventures and their love grew because of that foundation.

Watching Melinda balance her personal life with her secret supernatural activities gave the show plenty of humor and heart in equal measure. It also demonstrated that unlike many supernatural heroes, Melinda wasn't afraid to lean on loved ones even as she took extraordinary risks alone.

Aside from her husband, Melinda had a close inner circle of friends and allies who were in on her unbelievable gift. From confidants like Delia Banks at her shop to Detective Blair, these relationships kept Melinda's double life as grounded as possible.

Of course so much rested on Jennifer Love Hewitt's charm, charisma and sincerity in making the strangest of tales feel believable every week. Without her emotional core holding everything together, the outlandish stories of possessions and ghostly encounters would likely feel silly.

Instead, Hewitt transformed the series into compelling drama that organically blended romance, mystery and the paranormal into an engaging five season run. As the relatable every woman who just so happens to talk to dead people, she remained the glue that held Ghost Whisperer together.

Fans looking to rewatch the series can currently find 4 out of 5 full seasons on Hulu and the entire show available for free on the Roku Channel.

As broadcast rights continue to shuffle amongst the major streaming players today, there's always a chance the full Ghost Whisperer catalog comes back to platforms like Hulu or Netflix down the line. For now, Roku remains the easiest way to access all 107 episodes.

Considering Ghost Whisperer first premiered all the way back in 2005, it has shown tremendous staying power in the pop culture landscape. Over 15 years later, viewers are still enraptured by the show's emotional storytelling and Jennifer Love Hewitt's iconic turn.

There's just an underlying magic, charm and intrigue that Jennifer Love Hewitt and creator John Gray captured lightning in a bottle - one that has inspired comic books, tie-in novels, foreign remakes and potentially future revivals at some point.

For a modest supernatural series on CBS not based on existing IP, Ghost Whisperer cultivated a surprisingly rich mythology and universe over 107 episodes and 5 seasons - one that resonates over a decade since its final bow.

The show's winning recipe of weekly ghost cases tied into Melinda's larger arc and destiny as a spirit whisperer kept the show feeling fresh. Had it continued beyond Season 5, there were still countless more avenues for the creative team to explore.

Ghost Whisperer also hit at just the right time in 2005, preceding the huge paranormal boom that brought similar hits like Supernatural. The series stood out by having Melinda assist friendly ghosts rather than battling sinister demons - an original premise led by Hewitt's performance.

It feels reminiscent of supernatural 90s hits like Charmed and Buffy with its mix of paranormal fantasy against domestic backdrops.But set itself apart a relatable every woman heroine rather than teens with inherited powers or slayers.

Watching someone like Melinda navigate attempted exorcisms amidst planning anniversary dinners gave the show a decidedly grounded feel - a difficult balance to manifest.

Ghost Whisperer also resonated thanks to its motley crew of eccentric townies and recurring allies that fleshed out the world of Grandview around Melinda Gordon.

From her quirky shop assistant Delia, to Professor Payne the paranormal expert - Melinda was far from the only kindred spirit aware of supernatural activity in the small town.

The series leveraged a supporting roster of beloved recurring characters that made Grandview feel alive and magical in its own right outside Melinda's antenna for ghosts. Many allies came and went but they added new dynamics for our leading lady.

These relationships expanded the show's emotional core and kept Melinda tethered to humanity even as she dealt with the most bizarre otherworldly cases imaginable on a weekly basis.

Without them - especially her doting husband Jim Clancy - there was a risk Melinda could have felt too isolated by her staggering ability to commune with lingering spirits stuck between two planes.

Jennifer Love Hewitt also deserves so much credit for welcoming rookie actress Jamie Kennedy onto the show starting Season 3 as Professor Eli James - one of Melinda's greatest allies.

At a time when many shows shuffle the deck often, Hewitt embraced the quirky new character rather than viewing him as a threat. In turn, Eli became beloved by Ghost Whisperer fans and Kennedy gelled perfectly opposite Hewitt.

From his enthusiasm regarding paranormal studies to conspiracy theories about The Dark Side, Eli fit right into the show's lovable roster of misfits, dreamers and supernaturally inclined citizens around Grandview.

His arrival opened up new story opportunities regarding the show's mythology and gave Melinda a fresh dynamic as they investigated bizarre cold cases mired in supernatural interference.

Jamie Kennedy likely benefited greatly from Hewitt welcoming him as a newcomer while she was at the peak of fame. In interviews, Kennedy has spoken about her mentorship and how much he appreciated her support.

Their platonic, affectionate chemistry led to some of the show's most amusing and scare worthy moments. And it's hard to imagine Ghost Whisperer without the comedic relief and paranormal enthusiasm Jamie Kennedy brought to Eli James.

Beyond critical acclaim and a cult fanbase that remains enamored with Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon - Ghost Whisperer left its mark through foreign localization and tie-in media.

From novels expanding the show's universe to comic books fleshing out beloved characters, Ghost Whisperer became a multimedia supernatual juggernaut at its peak across many mediums and continents.

The series not only found a passionate audience Stateside on CBS, but eventually aired across the globe in syndication and through localization.

Ghost Whisperer was later remade in countries ranging from South Korea to Russia to France - each putting their own cultural spin on Melinda Gordon's eerie adventures around the globe.

The fact that Jennifer Love Hewitt's character resonated enough to transcend borders and inspire foreign remakes speaks volumes about the show's universally compelling premise and themes.

Meanwhile, tie-in Ghost Whisperer novels by best-selling authors set up elaborate new mythologies and expanded on existing characters within the TV show continuity.

These TV-canon stories whet fans' appetites between seasons and off-seasons with fresh looks at beloved allies like Eli James and Delia Banks away from Melinda's sphere.

Comic publisher Zenoscope also got in on the Ghost Whisperer action with a couple series fleshing out untold cases in Grandview alongside original antagonists for Melinda to overcome.

As a whole, Ghost Whisperer spawned multimedia expansions that capitalized on public interest to reward the show's dedicated fandom across novels, comics and foreign reimaginings.

It remains one of the most fascinating case studies around supernatural series generating tie-ins that organically expanded an existing fictional universe across mediums and cultures.

And the demand was there because Jennifer Love Hewitt made people utterly believe in her offbeat power to bridge the gap between living and dead.

From Japan to France, readers to viewers wanted more of Melinda Gordon's eerie adventures because Hewitt grounded this eccentric heroine through earnestness and vulnerability.

The fact tie-in authors had so much lore to pull from and build upon serves as a testament to how much creator John Gray and producer followers fleshed out Ghost Whisperer's mythos.

It feels like a living, breathing town history oozes from Grandview itself alongside hints of Melinda's lineage - the perfect backdrop for self-contained ghost stories or complex, serial arcs.