Is there a post-credits scene in No Hard Feelings?

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Academy Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence starred in one of this summer's buzziest comedies, No Hard Feelings, and the critically acclaimed movie has finally landed on Netflix. Not long after its drop on the streaming service, it sailed straight to the peak of the top 10 most popular movies list. It's no surprise since it's one of the funniest movies of 2023.

In the movie, the Oscar winner gives perhaps her most fearless performance of her career (especially in that fight scene on the beach ) as Maddie, a hapless 30-something looking to pay her property taxes and get a new car. She bites at the opportunity to date a 19-year-old college bound kid in exchange for a car from his parents. The arrangement becomes much more than she bargained for.

If you’re watching the movie on Netflix and wondering whether there’s a post-credits scene after the ending, maybe a glimpse of Maddie and Percy’s future or a few bloopers, you’ll be disappointed. There’s no post-credits scene , so don’t feel inclined to stick around for the credits after Netflix tries to kick you out and move onto the next title.

Do Maddie and Percy end up together in No Hard Feelings?

For those curious about how the movie ends or looking for a bit of clarification on what happens, here's a brief explanation of the ending. Needless to say, SPOILERS AHEAD! After her relationship with Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman) implodes, Maddie looks to put the pieces of her life back together, which includes finally letting go of her house.

She sells her beloved home, her mother's house, to her friends Sara and Jim and decides on a move to California. Next stop on her growing up tour, Maddie makes amends with Percy in the messiest way possible, but they repair their relationship and remain close friends. How could they not stay friends after all they have been through? On her way out of Montauk with the dog she adopted from the shelter, Maddie drops Percy off at Princeton.

In a sense, Maddie and Percy do end up together, but not in the way that you would expect in a traditional romantic comedy and not in the way that might have concerned some viewers based on the film’s premise. Their lives intersecting was integral to each other’s growth, and although a romantic relationship isn’t possible, ending up together in friendship works so well for Maddie and Percy. They will surely be best friends for the rest of their lives.

No Hard Feelings tells the story of Maddie, a 30-something woman struggling to find direction and purpose in her life. When the opportunity arises for her to date a much younger man in exchange for money, she jumps at the chance - only to find herself embroiled in a messy but enlightening romantic escapade. Jennifer Lawrence demonstrates her acclaimed acting talents in her portrayal of Maddie, bringing humor, pathos, and depth to the character. Her co-star Andrew Barth Feldman likewise delivers a captivating performance as her naive yet perceptive teenage love interest.

Director Gene Stupnitsky, known for his work on comedies like The Office and Bad Teacher, brings a deft comedic touch to the film. Balancing cringe-worthy awkwardness and raw emotion, Stupnitsky teases genuinely affecting moments out of the film's wacky premise. While leaning into rom-com tropes at times, No Hard Feelings ultimately has more on its mind, touching on themes of aging, self-worth, and acceptance with empathy and wisdom.

It's no surprise that No Hard Feelings made a major splash when it first arrived in theaters, earning enthusiastic praise from critics and dominating the box office. Now that the film has made its streaming debut, a whole new wave of viewers is getting to discover its offbeat charms for themselves. For fans eager to catch all the funny, moving moments they might have missed the first time, No Hard Feelings demands a rewatch.

Whether you're in it for Lawrence's magnetic performance, the quirky love story, or simply seeking a feel-good comedy to brighten your mood, No Hard Feelings delivers. It's a rare romantic comedy that manages to feel both pleasantly escapist and emotionally resonant. Beneath all the wacky humor and cringe-inducing moments pulses a bittersweet tale that most viewers will find surprisingly affecting.

At just over two hours, No Hard Feelings never overstays its welcome, remaining breezily enjoyable even through some of its more awkward scenes. Stupnitsky's snappy directing keeps the pace clipping nicely along. And Lawrence remains eminently watchable in just about any situation the script throws at Maddie, from fumbled flirting to family drama.

The film's supporting cast shines as well, popping in memorable side performances. Molly Gordon is a particular standout as Maddie's best friend, serving up some of the film's biggest laughs. But the heart of the film rests with Lawrence and newcomer Feldman. The two leads share an effortless, funny rapport that grounds even the film's more ridiculous moments with genuine feeling.

No Hard Feelings may follow some standard rom-com beats at times, but under Stupnitsky's direction and brought to life by Lawrence's star power, the film still feels fresh. Full of laugh-out-loud awkward moments, cringey secondhand embarrassment, and surprisingly moving character drama, No Hard Feelings proves the enduring power of a well-told love story. With serious talents like Lawrence and Stupnitsky at the helm, even the most tired genres can be given new life.

Here are some additional key details about the film No Hard Feelings:

  • It is directed by Gene Stupnitsky, who co-wrote the screenplays for Bad Teacher and the Hangover sequels.
  • Jennifer Lawrence plays Maddie, a down-on-her-luck 30-something going through a quarter-life crisis.
  • Andrew Barth Feldman plays Percy, Maddie's 19-year-old love interest who strikes an unusual arrangement with her.
  • The film features an eclectic supporting cast including Laura Benanti, Dana DeLorenzo, and John Rothman.
  • It was shot on location in quaint Montauk, Long Island, lending the film coastal small town charm.
  • Comedic moments arise from the uncomfortable age gap between Maddie and Percy and their ill-advised arrangement.
  • Beneath the off-beat humor lies a bittersweet story about self-worth and accepting life's unpredictability.
  • Critics praised the film as a clever, feel-good spin on stale rom-com tropes.
  • Lawrence gives one of her most daring yet vulnerable performances as the drifting Maddie.
  • The film concludes on an uplifting note while leaving Maddie and Percy's futures imaginatively open-ended.

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Additional Analysis of Key No Hard Feelings Details:

One of the elements that makes No Hard Feelings feel so refreshingly modern is the way it playfully subverts romantic comedy tropes. Maddie seems destined to be the prototypical rom-com heroine - down on her luck, drifting through life, waiting for the right guy to give her purpose again. But the film cleverly denies her and the audience that tired narrative.

Her teen love interest Percy starts out looking like a predictable romantic savior before morphing into a complicated, flawed human being. And rather than tie the storyline up with a neat happily-ever-after bow, the movie opts for a more ambiguous, realistic resolution - one where Maddie chooses herself over a fantasy romance. This sets No Hard Feelings apart from cliched date-night fare.

That's thanks in large part to the film's stellar cast. Jennifer Lawrence has played her share of romantic leads before, but rarely with such sharp comedic edge and casual magnetism. She makes Maddie wholly sympathetic even at her most cringingly awkward, grounding the character's failures and self-deceptions in genuine pathos. Relative newcomer Andrew Barth Feldman is an endearing, quick-witted foil to Lawrence.

Director Gene Stupnitsky deserves credit as well for the way No Hard Feelings walks an impressive tonal tightrope. For every squirm-inducing scene of Maddie floundering through humiliating moments, there are equally affecting scenes revealing her quiet desperation for connection, her nagging self-doubt. Stupnisky finds that balance between earnestness and irreverence.

It all makes for a surprisingly thoughtful film that uses its rom-com framework to tap into some deeper human truths. No Hard Feelings may offer plenty of cringe laughs, but there’s poignancy here too in its frustrated characters and uncertain resolutions. In refusing to fully redeem Maddie by the closing credits, the movie makes a sensitive case for accepting life’s beautiful messiness.

Rather than simply bag on middle-aged Maddie for making short-sighted romantic choices as a cheap joke, the film has empathy for her: for her inability to move past her own uncertainties, for her desire to cling to fleeting youth. But the movie is also clear-eyed about Maddie’s need to let go of certain fantasies and romanticize notions in order to start growing. In the end, it's a thoughtful portrait of a woman unfinished.

No Hard Feelings asks viewers whether it is indeed possible for a romance with a built-in expiration date to offer genuine meaning for those involved. Can such an inherently messy situation teach important life lessons? The film compellingly argues yes: beneath the awkwardness lies poignant human connection. For all itsoutbox comedy, No Hard Feelings has insightful things to say about reconciliation, self-acceptance, and intimacy against the odds.

Part of what makes No Hard Feelings work so well is the way it couches its bittersweet themes in laughs. The comedic chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman fuels some truly hilarious awkward moments. And director Stupinsky displays real comedic chops in embarrassing lead character Maddie over and over to squirm-inducing effect.

Stupinsky came up under comedy legends like Ricky Gervais thanks to his writing on The Office. That background serves him well here,balancing cringe-comedy with genuine character stakes. We can laugh wholeheartedly at Maddie's mishaps because Jennifer Lawrence makes her so emotionally convincing even at her lowest. It's comedy with heart.

Refreshingly, No Hard Feelings allows its lead character to remain unattached by film’s end, choosing personal growth over romantic resolution. Maddie tries on different identities over the course of the story - directionless slacker, cougar girlfriend, wanderluster. But in the final analysis, she commits simply to being truer to herself - wherever that might take her. It’s a quieter yet empowering conclusion than a traditional wedding or new relationship.

In the wake of successful fresh romantic comedies like Booksmart and The Lost City, No Hard Feelings feels part of a welcome new wave for the genre: funny, smart and insightful takes on love that reflect messy modern relationship realities. Thanks to its timely premise, talented cast, and deft direction, No Hard Feelings inserts itself neatly into this renaissance, staking its claim as a stellar 21st century rom-com.