The Machine on Netflix cast: Who stars in the comedy?

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As of Sept. 25, the number one movie on the Netflix Top 10 is The Machine , a hilarious movie based on the comedy of comedian Bert Kreischer . Earlier in 2023, Kresicher released his third Netflix comedy special titled Razzle Dazzle , but The Machine on Netflix appears to be based on the 2016 Showtime special The Machine .

Back in May 2023, The Machine hit theaters, and because it’s released by Sony, the movie was always destined to stream on Netflix due to the deal between the studio and the streamer. The film was produced with a million budget and brought in over during its theatrical run. Although it earned mostly negative reviews from critics, fans seem to enjoy it.

The Machine stars Kreischer as himself, and the story focuses on an anecdote from his act, which finds him on a college trip to Russia in 1999. During a night of partying, he earns the nickname The Machine, but years later, the trip comes back to bite him when the Russian mob returns to his life to settle a score by kidnapping him and his father.

If you’re watching The Machine on Netflix, or have already watched the movie, and you’re wondering who’s who in the movie, we’re sharing the entire cast. Here’s who stars alongside comedian Bert Kreischer in the movie loosely based on a true story.

The Machine on Netflix movie cast

Of course, Kreischer stars as himself in the leading role, with American Vandal and Home Economics star Jimmy Tatro playing the college-aged version of Kreischer. Star Wars alum Mark Hamill also stars as Bert’s father. These three actors are likely the most familiar faces in the movie, while the other stars might not be as recognizable.

Here’s the entire cast of The Machine on Netflix:

  • Bert Kreischer as Himself
  • Mark Hamill as Albert, Bert’s father
  • Jimmy Tatro as Young Bert Kreischer
  • Iva Babić as Irina, a mobster
  • Robert Maaser as Alexei, Irina’s brother
  • Stephanie Kurtzuba as LeeAnn
  • Martyn Ford as Sponge
  • Jessica Gabor as Sasha, Bert’s oldest daughter
  • Rita Bernard Shaw as Ashley
  • Nikola Đuričko as Igor
  • Oleg Taktarov as Train Igor
  • Amelie Villiers as Tatiana, Bert’s youngest daughter
  • Marko Nedeljkovic as Young Igor
  • Mercedes De La Cruz as Teacher

The story of The Machine centers around Bert Kreischer's wild experience partying with Russian mobsters during a college trip in the 1990s. After befriending the mobsters and earning the nickname 'The Machine' for his legendary drinking abilities, Kreischer finds himself entangled with them again decades later when they kidnap him to settle an old score.

Kreischer stars as himself in the movie, bringing his signature comedy style to the bizarre real-life tale. Playing the younger college version of Kreischer is Jimmy Tatro, known for roles in American Vandal and Home Economics . Tatro captures the party animal energy of the young Kreischer getting swept up in the antics of the Russian mob.

Mark Hamill, most famous for his iconic portrayal of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars , takes on the role of Kreischer's hapless father who gets caught up in the kidnapping scheme. Hamill brings his trademark charm to the supporting role that acts as the emotional core to all the outrageous comedy.

While Kreischer, Tatro, and Hamill may be the biggest names in the cast, The Machine also features a colorful ensemble of Eastern European actors bringing the Russian mobsters to life. Iva Babić plays the fierce mob boss Irina with an icy intensity, while her on-screen brother Alexei is played with brute force by Robert Maaser.

Oleg Taktarov takes on the crucial role of the mobster that first befriends the young Kreischer, earning Kreischer his infamous nickname. Taktarov captures both the danger and surprising warmth of the Russian mobster that kickstarts Kreischer's misadventures.

The rest of the cast helps fill out the world, with Stephanie Kurtzuba playing Kreischer's wife and Jessica Gabor and Amelie Villiers playing his daughters. Marko Nedeljkovic also makes an appearance as the younger version of Taktarov's character.

While The Machine takes plenty of comedic license with the real-life story it's based on, Kreischer's retelling of his surreal experience partying with Russian mobsters maintains an air of truthful preposterousness even in exaggerated movie form. And the cast steps up to recreate the strange tale, with Kreischer anchoring the bizarre events with his signature storytelling.

The success of The Machine once again shows Kreischer's knack for turning his wild anecdotes into entertainment gold . And with experienced comedic hands like Tatro by his side, along with an offbeat supporting cast, the movie brings all the insane ups and downs of Kreischer's Russian mob misadventure to hilarious life.

The unique premise of The Machine already sets it apart as a movie, telling a one-of-a-kind story that could only happen to a singular character like Bert Kreischer. And seeing Kreischer play himself on screen adds an extra layer of hilarity , as moviegoers get to see the comedian recreate and poke fun at his own real-life exploits.

Bringing the legend of 'The Machine' to the screen

Fans of Kreischer have likely already heard him tell the stories of his hard partying college days in Russia when he was adopted as a mascot-like figure by actual Russian mobsters. But the comedian breathes new life into those old anecdotes by staging them cinematically in The Machine .

Following the blueprint of previous comedies based around a stand-up's stage material , like Seinfeld or Louie , Kreischer fictionalizes his stories while still grounding them in his comedic voice and perspective. The thin line between truth and fiction gets blurred to hilarious effect as moviegoers get to see the tall-tale-esque legend of 'The Machine' told visually with Kreischer himself playing the leading role.

And the outlandish premise is perfectly suited for adaptation into movie form. The stranger-than-fiction notion of a hard-partying American stumbling into the inner circle of the Russian mob creates an endless well of comedic possibilities . Throw in the modern-day mob kidnapping plot line and The Machine takes on a wacky, ransome-comedy tone similar to classic like Ruthless People .

Seeing Kreischer recreate his drunken college-kid persona alongside the dangerous Russian gangsters should make for scene after scene of fish-out-of-water humor . And the comedian's talent for building tension and laughs out of unbelievable scenarios will likely make the mob-centered kidnapping storyline a highlight of the movie.

For longtime Kreischer fans, The Machine promises to bring all their favorite outrageous anecdotes to vivid life for the first time on screen. And the added exaggeration of movie form will let Kreischer push his stories even further into absurd hilarity.

Kreischer thrives in starring role

While playing yourself on screen might seem easy enough, stepping into the lead role of a major movie takes true acting chops. But judging from the first reviews and audience reactions, Kreischer proves more than capable as the star of his own bizarre biopic . Critics highlight the comedian's natural charisma and humor as the film's driving force.

None of the over-the-top antics would land without Kreischer as the grounded, self-deprecating center to all the chaos. And the comedian flexes previously unseen acting muscles , earnestly tackling the few emotional beats amidst all the madcap comedy.

Kreischer also shows a knack for physical comedy essential to embodying his wild, hard-partying persona. Whether stumbling around drunk or getting tortured by mobsters, Kreischer commits fully to the often slapstick-like scenarios his character finds himself in.

While dramatic acting may not prove his strong suit, when it comes to showcasing his brand of humor and personalities, Kreischer excels as the star player . And he carries the movie with ease even when the plot devolves into complete absurdity.

For fans, part of the fun is seeing their favorite stand-up toe the line between playing a fictional alter ego and exaggerated version of himself. And in The Machine , Kreischer manages to walk that line flawlessly, bringing all his signature storytelling talents to the lead movie role.

Watch The Machine on Netflix now to see Kreischer make the unpredictable, stranger-than-fiction tale of his Russian mob days come to life in the most hilarious way possible . With a game cast backing him up, Kreischer cements his place as a multimedia comedy powerhouse, able to conquer both stand-up and starring turns on both big and small screens.

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