Sweet Magnolias season 4 is now filming! Here's everything we know so far

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After an excruciatingly long wait for new episodes, Sweet Magnolias season 3 finally premiered on Netflix in July 2023 for a long overdue pour it out session with the titular trio. Naturally, the lovable third season left fans wondering if there would be a Sweet Magnolias season 4. Thankfully, Netflix didn't take very long to renew the beloved romantic drama.

Season 3 was a charming and comforting watch full of heart, humor, and enough drama to fill a margarita pitcher, and it seems that the Sweet Mags' margarita glasses are about to be filled up for another season! With filming underway, we're one step closer to the next season but as the writers noted, we have a long journey ahead!

I'm sharing everything I know so far about the exciting fourth season of Sweet Magnolias , including updates on the production schedule, what to expect from the season, comments from the cast and creators, and much more! There is a lot of anticipation building for this new season, so let's dive in.

Production Timeline and Schedule

While we had hoped Sweet Magnolias season 4 would arrive sometime in 2024, Netflix has confirmed the latest season will not be coming until 2025. That's right, we have a long wait ahead of us before we get to return to Serenity to catch up with the Sweet Magnolias.

Word of Sweet Magnolias' delayed return came on February 1 via Deadline , which announced the upcoming fourth season was being held for 2025. The series is part of a long list of Netflix Originals that won't be coming back in 2024 as Netflix shuffles its release plans around due to a number of circumstances.

While Deadline's report cited direct causes for many show's delayed returns, there were no specifics provided as to why exactly Sweet Magnolias is being pushed to 2025. One likely reason is the show will be filming through May 2024 and will then have to go into extensive post-production. This includes critical steps like adding subtitles and dubbing for international Netflix regions, which takes significant time.

Production on the fourth season kicked off on Jan. 9, 2024, as announced by creator Sheryl J. Anderson and executive producer/director Norman Buckley. Filming officially began in late February 2024 and will run through May 2024. While unconfirmed by Netflix, rumor has it that the four-month filming schedule aligns with previous seasons.

So in summary, pre-production started in early January 2024, main filming will last from late February until May 2024, and post-production will carry on for many more months. This makes a 2025 release date reasonable given the show's scope and the steps needed to prepare the episodes for global distribution on Netflix.

What We Know About Season 4 So Far

We don't have too many details yet about what storylines or themes season 4 may explore. However, there have been some tidbits shared by the cast and creators that give us clues into what we can expect.

For starters, JoAnna Garcia Swisher warned fans to 'buckle up' for the new season, promising it is going to be a big one. Knowing the drama and plot twists this show delivers, there is likely some major events in store that will shock and surprise fans.

Garcia Swisher also teased in an interview that Isaac's parentage will be further explored in season 4. The bombshell revelation in season 2 that Bill is Isaac's father has huge implications for Maddie's family and children. This storyline has major stakes involved and it sounds like we'll see significant development there.

Additionally, fans can likely expect more romance, laughs, twists and turns, and emotional moments - all signature elements of Sweet Magnolias . The writers have proven their ability to balance lighthearted fun with hard-hitting life events, while keeping the show's earnest small town charm.

And it wouldn't be Sweet Magnolias without margarita nights! We can expect the iconic trio of Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue to continue supporting each other through thick and thin while bonding over tasty drinks and good conversation.

What the Cast is Up To

When the cast isn't busy filming new episodes, they stay active in other creative pursuits and life milestones.

For example, star Carson Rowland, who plays Ty Townsend on the show, welcomed a baby girl with his wife Maris. Little Eden Stone Rowland arrived in November 2023, much to her parents' joy. Rowland announced the pregnancy news earlier in 2023, expressing his excitement to meet his daughter.

It will be fun to see Ty's character as a big brother on the show, drawing from Rowland's real life experience. The recent addition to Rowland's family is sure to infuse his acting with even more heart and perspective.

As for what JoAnna Garcia Swisher is up to during hiatuses, she is actively developing other projects through her production company, Sunset Eighteen Productions. She currently has a pilot in contention at NBC called Accidentally Engaged which she would star in and executive produce. Garcia Swisher balances her Sweet Magnolias duties with her expanding creative entrepreneurship.

Brooke Elliott keeps busy with roles on other shows between Sweet Magnolias filming, popping up on popular series like S.W.A.T. and The Flight Attendant . She also devotes time to her wellness website Curvily and her music - elliott just released a new album in late 2022.

So the cast stays quite busy when not pouring drinks at Sullivan's or having heart-to-hearts on the porch at Serenity Spa! But they always make sure to come back together when production kicks into high gear on new seasons of Sweet Magnolias .

What Fans Can Do Now

As we endure the long wait for new episodes of our favorite small town drama, there's no shortage of ways for fans to connect with the show - even during the off-season!

Both the official Sweet Magnolias writers' room Twitter account and many of the cast members are quite active on social media between seasons. Fans can tweet the writers at @swtmagnoliaroom or follow stars like Brooke Elliott, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Anneliese Judge, and others for updates. There is sure to be plenty of behind-the-scenes tidbits about season 4 sprinkled throughout their accounts leading up to the 2025 premiere.

Catching up on old episodes is another great way to pass the time. There are many heartwarming moments, surprise twists, and laughs to be rediscovered on a rewatch. You may even spot subtle hints or foreshadowing sprinkled throughout the first three seasons.

And be sure to share your favorite memories, episode moments, characters, or relationship ships with other Sweet Magnolias fans on sites like Reddit! The /r/SweetMagnolias subreddit has an active community posting theories, memes, updates, and general show chatter all year long.

You can also follow the Facebook group 'Sweet Magnolias Fans' where people share everything from cocktail recipes to craft ideas inspired by the show. It's a wholesome space for viewers to bond over their shared loved of the series.

And if you're craving new novels from Sherryl Woods to dive into, there are over 100 other books and series by the author to enjoy! Her extensive back catalog allows fans to discover more of Woods' signature warmth, community spirit, and family drama in settings beyond just Serenity.

The Bottom Line

While there is still quite a wait ahead until more episodes land on Netflix, the early phases of production on season four are very promising. Filming is off to an enthusiastic start, the cast and creatives are hard at work bringing the charming world of Serenity to life once again, and fans have plenty to tide them over in the meantime from social media to rewatches.

There is sure to be even more drama, secrets, relationships, and cozy small town vibes brewing for Maddie, Helen, Dana Sue and the whole gang when Sweet Magnolias returns. So get the margarita mix chilling and the porch chairs all lined up for more laughter, tears, and bonding moments with the Sweet Mags in 2025!