We likely won’t ever see The Mummy 2 starring Tom Cruise

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The Mummy starring Tom Cruise has found a new lease on life since its recent addition to Netflix’s ever-expanding library. The 2017 action-adventure horror movie, a bold reboot of the original series with Brendon Fraser, introduced us to Nick Morton, portrayed by Tom Cruise, a daring treasure-hunting soldier who unwittingly awakens the vengeful ancient Egyptian princess, Ahmanet, played by the talented Sofia Boutella. The official synopsis for the movie, as per IMDb , reads:

An ancient Egyptian princess is awakened from her crypt beneath the desert, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia and terrors that defy human comprehension.

As the film now enjoys a new surge in viewership on Netflix, fans and newcomers alike are left wondering: Is there a sequel in the works?

Whether you’re a fan of the film, a newcomer considering a watch, or simply curious about the potential for a sequel, you’re in the right place! Join us as we unveil all the details you need to know about the possibility of The Mummy 2 with Tom Cruise below!

It’s unlikely we’ll see a sequel to The Mummy

According to reports , The Mummy starring Tom Cruise was initially envisioned as the kickoff to a grand shared universe of classic movie monsters, which would have included iconic characters like Frankenstein and Dracula. Unfortunately, the film fell short of critical acclaim and box office success, ultimately leading to the cancellation of the entire project.

So at this present time, it’s unlikely we will ever get The Mummy 2 starring Tom Cruise. Despite the initial plans and vision for an interconnected universe of monster movies, the poor reception of the 2017 reboot made studios hesitant to move forward. Given the lackluster reviews and tepid box office numbers, there simply wasn't enough interest or momentum to justify producing a sequel.

The underwhelming response to the Tom Cruise lead iteration of The Mummy marked a stark contrast to the far more beloved Brendan Fraser trilogy. Nostalgia for those 1990s classics only further highlighted the reboot's comparative shortcomings for both critics and average moviegoers.

Without a clear path forward, silence from the studio, and no updates on any future productions, assumptions at this point are that a sequel is highly improbable. Barring any surprise announcements down the line, it seems the latest incarnation of The Mummy franchise has been laid to rest.

Despite this, The Mummy franchise boasts a dedicated and passionate fan base, particularly for the originals with Brendan Fraser. With the film’s resurgence on Netflix, there’s renewed interest in the series, sparking hopes for its revival. This could be the perfect moment to breathe new life into the franchise with a fresh ensemble of actors.

The core premise and ancient Egyptian mythology behind The Mummy offers fertile ground for future reimaginings. Perhaps one day a visionary director will tap into that potential and recapture the sense of fun and adventure that define the best entries in the franchise. Though the Tom Cruise vehicle may not have panned out as intended, there's plenty of room for the right creative talent to reinvent the series for a new generation.

While it’s currently just a dream, there’s a collective desire amongst fans to see the original cast return in some capacity to pass the torch to a new generation of adventurous archaeologists. The fate of The Mummy franchise remains uncertain, but only time will reveal whether it will rise from the crypt once more!

For now, fans can still revisit the 1999 original and its sequels headlined by Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz while holding out faint hope that perhaps one day in the future we could see their return. The lingering fondness for that era of films indicates there may still be an audience hungry for the right filmmaker to resurrect The Mummy in thrilling new ways. Stay tuned!