Will Ghosted starring Ana de Armas and Chris Evans be on Netflix?

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After working together in Knives Out and The Gray Man , Ana de Armas and Chris Evans are teaming up for the rom-com/action-adventure film Ghosted .

Ghosted starts as your typical romantic comedy with two characters, Sadie (De Armas) and Cole (Evans), going on a date and falling for one another. But before they can make it to their second date, Cole learns that Sadie is a spy, and they are wrapped up in a whirlwind adventure to save the world.

Find out where you can watch Ghosted this weekend.

Is Ghosted starring Ana de Armas and Chris Evans on Netflix?

No, Ghosted will not be available to watch on Netflix. Skydance Media and Apple Studios produced the romantic comedy film with a scheduled release date for streaming on April 21, 2023.

Even though this film isn’t on Netflix, the streamer has some great options for fans of De Armas and Evans. The two previously co-starred alongside Ryan Gosling in the action thriller The Gray Man , now streaming. De Armas also received an Academy Award nomination for her performance in the Netflix film Blonde where she portrayed Marilyn Monroe in a fictionalized version of her life.

Other movies starring Ana de Armas on Netflix now include The Informer , Sergio , and Wasp Network . Chris Evans fans can watch his films The Red Sea Diving Resort , Scott Pilgrim vs. The World , and Not Another Teen Movie . Evans is also re-teaming with Netflix to reprise his Scott Pilgrim character Lucas Lee in an upcoming animated series.

Where can you stream Ghosted starring Ana de Armas and Chris Evans?

The only place you can stream Ghosted will be on the Apple TV+ platform . If you aren’t an Apple TV+ subscriber, you can sign up now for just .99/month . That will be the only way you can watch the movie unless Apple later releases it on physical media, which could happen but probably not until much later.

We’ll keep you posted if anything changes regarding the streaming home of this new film starring Chris Evans and Ana de Armas.

Even though Ghosted will not be available on Netflix, the streaming service still has an extensive catalog of romantic comedies, action films, and movies starring Ana de Armas and Chris Evans that fans can enjoy. Some highlights include The Gray Man which also stars Ryan Gosling and reunites de Armas and Evans after their acclaimed turns in Knives Out. De Armas also shined as Marilyn Monroe in the fictionalized biopic Blonde which earned her first Oscar nomination. And Evans has starred in several films on Netflix ranging from comedies like Not Another Teen Movie to the action thriller The Red Sea Diving Resort. Plus, he will be returning as his Scott Pilgrim character in an upcoming animated series produced by Netflix. So while Ghosted may not be on Netflix itself, fans of the two talented stars still have plenty of options for streaming their past acclaimed work.

Beyond Netflix, those eager to watch Ghosted starring Ana de Armas and Chris Evans will need access to Apple TV+ when it premieres on April 21, 2023. Apple has been investing heavily in original streaming content over the past few years, working with top stars like Evans and de Armas as well as renowned filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese, Will Smith, and Oprah Winfrey. Securing a buzzy romantic action film with two fan favorite actors is par for the course as they try to compete with industry leaders Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and more. Ghosted will join a growing slate of Apple original movies alongside hits like CODA, The Tragedy of Macbeth, Finch among others. Signing up for their streaming service costs just .99 a month, making it one of the most affordable options available. When Ghosted debuts in April it will surely drive new subscribers to the platform, similarly to how Amazon Prime benefited from exclusive movies with Chris Pratt and Emily Blunt.

Beyond where to stream Ghosted online, some fans may be wondering if the film will receive a theatrical release or physical media options down the line. As of now, it appears Ghosted has been developed specifically for the Apple TV+ streaming service. However, depending on its popularity and critical reception, a limited domestic theatrical run is possible as we’ve seen with titles like COCA and The Tragedy of Macbeth. Apple has partnered with independent theater chains like Regal Cinemas for such releases. Physical media like Blu-Ray/DVD is less certain, but cannot be fully ruled out if Ghosted proves to be a major hit. Streaming platforms have occasionally provided Blu-Ray copies as awards campaign tools, for instance Roma and Marriage Story from Netflix. Still, the safest bet for fans who want to be among the first to see Ana de Armas and Chris Evans together in Ghosted is to signup for Apple TV+prior to its April 21 premiere.

We will be sure to provide updates if additional viewing options for Ghosted are announced as its release date nears. Ana de Armas and Chris Evans have fast become two of Hollywood’s most popular leading stars - their reunion following acclaimed roles in Knives Out and The Gray Man is exciting news for cinephiles and romantic comedy fans alike. While Ghosted may not be arriving on Netflix itself, there are still plenty of films on the streaming giant starring the famous pair individually. And movie lovers can secure access to the new action rom-com event by subscribing to Apple TV+ for just .99 monthly. Expect Ghosted to generate buzz and potentially new subscribers when it drops April 21 exclusively for Apple.

Ghosted marks the third collaboration between beloved stars Ana de Armas and Chris Evans after their standout roles together in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out and the Russo Brothers’ big budget Netflix thriller The Gray Man. Their natural chemistry and charm together has fans excited to see them reunite for this unique romantic action film. While Ghosted appeared destined for streaming on Netflix due to their long run partnerships with both Evans and de Armas individually, the streaming rights ultimately went to Apple in a competitive situation. This marks Apple TV+’s biggest film acquisition yet as they aggressively attempt to catch up with Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu with star driven original movies from major studios like Skydance Media.

Ana de Armas has quickly become one of Hollywood’s most in demand actresses following breakthrough turns in films like Blade Runner 2049, Knives Out and the most recent James Bond film No Time to Die. Her Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde earned her critical acclaim along with her first Oscar nomination, further cementing her stardom. Re-teaming with leading men Evans and Ryan Gosling so soon after The Gray Man speaks to how popular she has become for studios and streaming services alike. While Netflix surely would have loved to produce Ghosted directly, her busy schedule filming numerous major projects made that challenging. Thankfully Apple TV+ stepped up to re-partner her with Chris Evans for guaranteed crowd pleasing romantic action that builds on their proven chemistry.

On his end, Chris Evans has smoothly transitioned from his iconic role as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to studding acclaimed original films across drama, comedy, thrillers and more. He earned praise for his antagonistic turn against de Armas in The Gray Man as well as developing buzzy new projects like Gene Kelly biopic Ghosted and Dexter Fletcher’s painkiller drama Pain Hustlers with Emily Blunt. Netflix has maintained ties with Evans through the upcoming animated series Spinning Gold where he revives his fan favorite Scott Pilgrim character. But Apple once again demostrated their aggression by locking down the next Evans/de Armas team-up which will undoubtedly drive subscriptions amid positive critical buzz.

While Ghosted arriving on Apple TV+ may disappoint Netflix subscribers eager for the next film starring Ana de Armas and Chris Evans, fear not! Evans can still be seen in the Netflix original The Red Sea Diving Resort now while de Armas shines brightly in one of 2022’s most acclaimed films – Blonde. Her transformative turn as Marilyn Monroe has generated Oscar nomination buzz following its successful global launch. And in early 2023 Netflix will release the new animated series based on the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels where Chris Evans revives his role as Lucas Lee. So while Ghosted may be skipping Netflix, both stars still have strong ties to the industry leading streamer with plenty for fans to enjoy. Of course the easiest way to guarantee being among the first viewers of Ghosted is to take advantage of Apple TV+’s low monthly pricing. At just .99 gaining access to Apple’s catalog of original films like Ghosted makes strong financial sense for cinephiles.

Following breakout roles together in 2019’s Knives Out and 2022 Netflix blockbuster The Gray Man, Ana de Armas and Chris Evans have capitalized on their undeniable on-screen chemistry for the upcoming action rom-com Ghosted. Originally fans expected the reunion film would wind up on Netflix as well given their relationships with both stars. However, in a major movie coup Apple TV+ landed the exclusive streaming rights to Ghosted, adding a buzzworthy tentpole film to their growing slate of original movies. Netflix still offers both de Armas’ Oscar nominated turn in Blonde along with Evans in The Red Sea Diving Resort for fans eager more from each star now. Come April when Ghosted releases, becoming an Apple TV+ subscriber is the only way to immediately enjoy Ana and Chris back together for this unique genre hybrid blending romance, comedy and adventure elements. With former Marvel heroes Evans and Ryan Gosling leading The Gray Man to record Netflix viewership earlier this year, expectations for Ghosted are exceptionally high.

Ghosted has the potential to be a surprise streaming hit in 2023 based entirely on the sheer star power and goodwill Ana de Armas and Chris Evans carry with fans and critics alike. Their previous pairings in Knives Out and The Gray Man left viewers wanting more, making their transition into a romance story infused with action and comedy a refreshing blend for both their talents. While Netflix was initially positioned to retain Evans and de Armas for another collaboration following The Gray Man’s record viewership, Apple leveraged their resources to make an aggressive play. Their streaming service has made major strides licensing top-tier filmmakers like Scorsese and Fincher while now stealing away bankable stars from the more established Netflix. Landing Ghosted could be their biggest get yet if it breaks into the cultural zeitgeist fueled by the popularity of Ana and Chris.

Based on their skyrocketing fame following acclaimed lead turns in billion dollar franchises James Bond and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we foresee Ghosted appearing near the top of many 2023 must-see streaming lists. Ana de Armas wowed critics with her transformative Marilyn Monroe portrayal in Blonde, setting up another potentially Oscar-worthy performance opposite former Captain America Chris Evans. Though Netflix housing their prior – and upcoming – on screen pairings would’ve been a seamless fit, credit to Apple for seizing the momentum and advancing their own star-driven streaming film model. Come April 21st when Ghosted premieres, consumers will vote with their subscription dollars whether Apple’s gamble pays dividends in an increasingly crowded streaming landscape.

Looking back just a few short years, few would have predicted we’d one day see Knives Out murder suspect Ana de Armas starring in romantic adventures opposite heroic Avengers leader Chris Evans. Yet thanks to their serendipitous chemistry and individual career trajectories, 2023 now offers movie fans the reunion event Ghosted on Apple TV+ no less. It was only in 2019 that de Armas broke out with a memorable turn in Rian Johnson’s acclaimed whodunit while Evans was finishing up his Marvel tenure in Avengers: Endgame that same year. Fast forward to now with Ana earning Oscar buzz as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde plus Chris spearheading Netflix action hits like The Gray Man. Their professional ascent together has been a joy to witness. And while Ghosted may land on Apple TV+ instead of the more obvious Netflix, that likely signals a lucrative deal that will empower bigger future projects starring the popular pair. For fans, seeing Ana and Chris thrive both individually and as a screen duo has become one of Hollywood’s best success stories that we cannot wait to see more of.